School Life

We believe that our children should be taught in a nurturing and stimulating environment.  We encourage them to explore, create and discover all the opportunites that the school offers.  There are two classes per year.  The class sizes are 28 for the first year and from 2014 the class sizes will be 30 each with a teacher and a dedicated learning support assistant. There are dedicated, specialist, part-time staff for teaching subjects such as art, music, Spanish and sports. There are special educational needs staff for those pupils that require additional support. 


We are unashamedly focused on high academic attainment, and employ innovative approaches delivered by the finest teaching staff, but our belief is that children learn best when they are happy and excited by what’s happening in the class room; excellent achievements will be a by-product of the education on offer and not the only goal. Our aim is to instil a love of learning in our pupils and provide a solid foundation to build on in the transition to secondary education and beyond.

Every pupil at our school will be encouraged to achieve their maximum potential within a happy, nurturing environment.