General Information

Here you will find all the other information you need to equip your child for daily life at Rutherford House School.


School Lunches 

School meals are provided for all pupils everyday taking into account dietary, allergy and religious requirements.

Children are asked to bring in a bottle of water to keep in the classroom each day to ensure they do not become dehydrated during the day.

Healthy snacks, milk and fruit are also provided in the morning.

At lunch time we provide a family service. The children are all provided with a hot, healthy meal each day. The menu is on a 3 week rotation. 


Summer lunch menu 


School Uniform


School uniform is an integral part of the of the school ethos and believe this shared identify helps children to work together for a common goal.  In coming to Rutherford House parents/carers agree to support our policy. We believe in the phrase, ‘dress smart, think smart’.  If parents do have any difficulties in covering the cost of the uniform then do contact the school for support and guidance.

Rutherford House School uniform is based on plain navy and berry colour and only the school logo items have to be purchased at the school uniform shop. Nail varnish, coloured hair or hair ornaments or make up is not permitted. Jewellery, such as rings, necklaces and bracelets, should not be worn to school. If your child has pierced ears, please use small, smooth studs or small sleeper type earrings. We request this in the interest of your child’s safety. Pupils are permitted to wear religious head wear in school colours.

For information refer to the uniform policy and the uniform price list. 

This can be purchased from ,  Hewit & Son Ltd, 45 -51 Church Street, Croydon.CR9 1QQ. Contact No: 020 8680 4555.


Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is an additional sum of money given to schools for children receiving free school meals.  Many of our families fall just outside the parameters of this benefit and as a result suffer additional hardship.  It is stated by the Government that pupil premium children underperform as a result of the poverty they are in.  Indeed it is also suggested they also are often linked to SEN and therefore the premium will also support these needs. Our pupil premium weighting is therefore low despite other poverty measure indicators  (Such as IDACI) we clearly have parents with very low income and therefore properly described as in a similar state of deprivation after covering their household costs within a limited budget.

The pupil premium is used to support a range of programmes taught by teachers and learning support assistants.  All pupils who would benefit from extra support are given this in small groups over a ten week period in either Maths or Literacy or both. This includes reading Volunteer Help to support pupils having difficulty in reading  The primary focus is the development of each individual child dependent on their specific need or needs. The school evaluates the impact on each pupil at the end of each term.  In addition, the School ensured that pupils throughout the school have an opportunity to participate in two extracurricular clubs, all areas of the school. 

The evaluation focuses on academic gains and how pupils’ self-confidence has developed as a consequence of the interventions and participation in extracurricular activities.



Rutherford House School is a local school set up specifically to serve the local community, with a large proportion of parents/carers who walk their children to the school.  We are committed to ensuring that we do everything we can to limit traffic and parking issues for the local neighbourhood and we strongly encourage local residents to inform us of any issues should they arise.

Staff are encouraged to walk, cycle or use public transport as no staff car parking is available at the school.

Our Transport Policy can be downloaded here.


Links with the local community

Rutherford House School aims to develop strong links with the local community.  This includes activities based around pupils supporting those less fortunate to themselves.  This forms a very important part of the school’s curriculum and will help develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all of the pupils at the school.


Equal Opportunities

The school is committed to being an equal opportunities education provider and is committed to equality of opportunity for all members of the School Community.


Secondary/Senior Schools

Rutherford House School children will transfer to a wide range of local schools in both the state and independent sector. The choice of secondary/senior school will be taken very seriously, and teachers will meet with parents personally to discuss this important next step. Consideration is given to all aspects of potential schools from academic achievement to size, location and culture.  The school will distribute the ‘Guide for Admissions to Secondary School’ to parents during Year 5 and arrange a meeting for parents and children to discuss the process and inform them of key dates for applications.

Strong relationships will be developed with many of the secondary/senior schools in the local area and further afield.  Open days at secondary/senior schools are held throughout September and the beginning of October and parents are encouraged to attend these events.