Welcome from the Head

I extend a warm welcome to you and your children.  I invite you to explore our website as the information provided is a useful introduction to the school.  It will give you an insight into the school’s ethos and atmosphere.  I hope you will be able to visit us soon as you will discover the children thrive in the welcoming, vibrant and supportive environment that is Rutherford House.   

At Rutherford House we set a high value on the educational experience of all our pupils and achieve this within the atmosphere of a friendly learning community. The school’s principal philosophy is that ‘pupils should be confident, happy, and successful’.  The pupils will have the courage to take risks in their learning and the confidence to ask questions. 

Together we aim to be a school of excellence always encouraging our pupils to aim high, where our children can develop their gifts and potential in a creative environment. Our outstanding teachers provide pupils with a broad curriculum which develops critical thinking and enquiry skills, and encourages pupils to use their imagination as they explore both the academic and extra-curricular offerings at the school.  Rutherford House is a welcoming school where everyone matters and feels cared for. A culturally rich school celebrating the diversity of children, parents and staff with equal opportunities for all ensuring no child is disadvantaged by difference.

We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming you into our school community.

Mrs Maxine Mallett



Ethos & Vision 

'What does a RHS child look like?’

A Rutherford House child is well rounded, independent and successful. 

They experience a broad and challenging curriculum within a nurturing, collaborative and creative environment.

They leave Rutherford House School having achieved their full potential, confident and happy; interested and interesting.



Every child at Rutherford House will leave understanding and embodying our school values.



In children, staff, parents and carers we value:

  • Respect      (self, peer, adult, community, environment, integrity, responsible, well behaved)
  • Resilience    (sporting, problem solving, independence, driven, fortitude)
  • Partnerships (friendships, family, citizenship, wider society, empathy, understanding )
  • Reflection     (mindfulness, introspection, self awareness, self expression, personal happiness)
  • Ambition       (focussed, driven, successful, aspirational)
  • Enthusiasm  (fun, playful, enjoyment)

 These core values are at the heart of everything we do and enables us to put the child first within clear boundaries. They enable us to encourage pupils to take responsibility for their actions by guiding them to be responsible for their behaviour and attitudes.



'How do we achieve the vision?'  This is the characteristic spirit of our school community and how it manifests in our attitudes and aspirations.

All members of our school community feel valued and understood within a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.

We welcome and actively encourage everyone to participate in school life.



Our mission is to educate with creativity and rigour, provide an environment for enjoyment, where everyone belongs and we aspire for our pupils to succeed at the highest level. Learn, enjoy, succeed.



What do we promise? 

  • To develop confident, successful and independent learners
  • To promote high academic standards
  • To provide a rich learning environment including arts, culture and sport
  • To know and understand each child as an individual and for them to understand themselves
  • To provide a welcoming to everyone, safe and fun environment
  • To encourage pupils to act responsibly and respectfully to all
  • To establish and maintain effective relationships between home, school and community
  • To fully develop creative, well rounded and resilient individuals
  • To nurture a love of learning and spirit of inquiry
  • To ensure our staff learn, enjoy and succeed