Rutherford House School is a two form entry school, growing organically from September 2013 with Reception of 56 children.  Following intake and each year groups will have an admission limit of 60 pupils.  The admissions process at Rutherford House School follows those of Wandsworth Council and applications will be considered in order of proximity to the school, where home to school distances are taken to be by a straight line. 

It is important to note that you need to apply for a place through Wandsworth Council, even if you have siblings.  The deadline for admissions is set by the council quite early. Therefore it is very important to apply as soon as possible.  Admission guidance is available in the form of a brochure that you can download from Wandsworth's site.

If you want to appeal against the refusal of a place, you must contact the Wandsworth Education Appeals Service:

Email: or

Telephone: 020 8871 7554 for a form.

Information on the deadlines for appealing will be available on the council's website

* Parents or carers who live outside of Wandsworth apply for schools in Wandsworth through their home council. Any offer of a place in a Wandsworth school will be made by the parent/carer's home council.

Children are eligible for Reception in the September of the school year in which they become 5 years old (1st Sept. – 31st Aug.).In September the Reception children will have a slightly staggered start to Rutherford House School.  Families will be expected to meet with the class teacher for an ‘All About Me’ meeting to enable a smooth transition for the children to school.

Admissions of older children

Prospective parents who have moved into the area are invited to make direct contact with the school to arrange a visit and find out more about us. If parents wish to apply for a place they must contact Pupil Services at Wandsworth Council, telephone no. 020 8871 7316, and submit their application direct to them.

Appeals Information


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