At Rutherford House, science provides pupils with an exciting and enjoyable introduction to the processes of science, to stimulate their curiosity and creative thinking and to develop an understanding of the relevance of science in our lives.

At Rutherford house we make science super by ensuring:

* Children are engaged in their learning.

* Scientific vocabulary is rich.

* Collaborative learning is taking place.

* Children’s ideas are explored and questioned.

* Children are actively involved in their learning.

* Children use their Science learning to understand the World today, how it was yesterday and how it could be in the future.

* Mathematics and Literacy are promoted in Science work.

* Children can question the world around them

Here is an excellent link to lots of KS1 BBC Bitesize resources that may assist with additional learning at home or projects we set. 

Here is another website that has some interactive quiz and games related to science.